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It’s Pride Month! Books Featuring LGBTQ Teens

By Kasey Short In celebration of Pride Month, I have complied a reading list of engaging books writte

What Learning in Two Languages Looks Like

A MiddleWeb Blog My first language is Vietnamese, but I struggle to read anything beyond road signs a

A Trio of New YA Books Written in Verse Form

By Kathryn Caprino The other day I took my little boy to the local library for the summer reading kic

Leadership Lessons from a Pandemic School Year

A MiddleWeb Blog Summer is HERE!!! And I couldn’t be more excited. This year has been an extremely

Taking Middle Schoolers’ Reading Journals Online

Talking Through Reading and Writing: Online Reading Conversation Journals in the Middle SchoolBy Dani

Teaching Kids When to Let Go of a Writing Idea

By Lynne R. Dorfman Abandon (verb): to put an end to something planned or previously agreed to. Synon

A Primer on Pronouns: Using the Singular ‘They’

A MiddleWeb Blog It’s high school graduation weekend for my daughter: days full of elation, pride,

It’s Time for a Walk and a Letter to Yourself

A MiddleWeb Blog If you sit still for just two or three seconds, you will hear it. It is the collecti

Make It Happen: Reading Growth for All Students

The need to support under-developed readers in the middle grades is growing. We’re grateful to resp

Differentiating History Instruction with Menus

Differentiating Instruction With Menus: U.S. History Advanced Level Menus Grades 9-12By Laurie E. Wes